No One Likes a Faker: Wannabe Nerds

On Tuesday, February 5, 2013 0 comments

Being a nerd is officially cool. Video games are widespread, superheroes are mainstream, and Jediism is the seventh most popular religion in the UK.  I guess people have finally figured out that nerds rule the world, and they’re eager to get a slice of the action. Except that this new, mainstream nerdiness is an insult to us purist nerds. After all, part of the experience of being ageek is the social ostracism.

There's more to being a nerd than writing on your hand with Sharpie and inadvertently becoming an internet meme. 

Everyone is welcome to be a nerd. I genuinely hope that one day people can feel the same unique combination of joy and shame I feel when buying My Little Pony figures. At the same time, every one has a little bit of hipster in them. We all want to feel unique, and we don’t want to do things just because they’re popular. So when the things I like do become popular, but most of the fans are shallow people looking to fit in, I feel cheated. Do I need to get over it? Probably. Will I? Hey, part of being a nerd is socially unacceptable passion.

A much better depiction of what it means to be a nerd.

So what can we do about these fair-weather fans? Since I don’t have an answer, I’ll have to make do with sarcasm and irony. Until then, you can weed out your fake nerd friends by taking my ULTIMATE NERD TEST!


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