Ultimate Nerd Test!

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For each answer you respond yes to, reward yourself with points. Unless stated otherwise, each question is worth one point. This is in no way a complete listing of all possible aspects of nerdiness. It’s just a general overview of the many ways one can be socially awkward.

This test is for fun. Don’t stretch your butthole out of shape if you don’t get a score you like. Even I wouldn’t get a hundred on this test, so take it with a grain of salt and a shot of tequila.

Nerdiness on the internet
1.     Have you trolled someone online? 2 points
2.     Do you know what a meme is?
3.     Have you ever role-played online with people you have never met?
4.     Do you regularly follow an abridged series (Dragonball Z abridged, YGOTAS, etc.) 2 points
5.      Have you ever been Rickrolled?
6.     Do you scour ebay for rare/ collectible items?
7.     Do you comment on Youtube videos?
8.     Have you ever edited a wiki?
9.     Off the top of your head, can you name four Youtubers you enjoy watching? 2 points
10.       Have you ever had a real-world conversation about something you read or watched online? 2 points

Creative Nerds
11.        Do you read fanfiction?
12.        Have you written fanfiction? 2 points
13.        Do you ever look at/ draw fanart?
14.        Have you created an OC?
15.        Have you ever handmade a replica of an item from a series you like? 3 points
16.        Do you watch AMVs?
17.        Have you ever given a hand-made gift to a friend?
18.        Does your dream job have to do with working on or creating the sort of things you enjoy?
19.        Have you ever remixed music? 2 points
20.        Have you ever reenacted a favorite scene? 2 points

The Otaku
21.        Do you listen to Vocaloids? 2 points
22.        Have you seen more than ten different anime series?
23.        Have you ever imported anything from Japan? 2 points
24.        Do you read manga?
25.        Have you ever sought out or bought a food, just because you saw a character in anime eating it?
26.        Do you wish you lived in Japan?
27.        Do you own doujinshi? 3 points
28.        Do you own any bootleg anime?
29.        Do you own any legal anime DVDs?
30.        Have you ever forgone social events in order to stay home and watch anime?

Old school Nerd
31.        Have you ever played D+D? 2 points
32.        Have you subscribed to a comic book? 2 points
33.        Do you listen to techno?
34.        Do you watch cartoons aimed at adults?
35.        Cartoons aimed at children?
36.        Do you know how to play any sort of Trading Card Game? (Pokemon, Yugioh, etc.) 2 points
37.        Do you regularly read science fiction or fantasy novels?
38.        Is your room decorated with posters/ paraphernalia for an obsession?
39.        Do you own more than a hundred books? 2 points
40.        Do you own a pre-1990 TV series on DVD or VHS (Star Trek, Twilight Zone, etc.)?

Coming out of the nerd closet
41.        Have you attended a convention of any kind? 2 points
42.        Have you ever been to the midnight release of a book?
43.        Have you ever cosplayed, not counting on Halloween? 3 points
44.        Do you sing in the car?
45.        Do people look at you funny when you dance in public?
46.        Have you ever approached a stranger when you noticed that they were reading a book you liked?
47.        Do you own a T-shirt, bag, hat or other article of clothing advertising an enjoyed hobby?
48.        Do you look for opportunities to talk about a hobby you like, bringing it up even when it isn’t relevant to the conversation?
49.        Have you ever overheard someone trash-talking a hobby or interest you like, and angrily called them out? 2 points
50.        Have you ever integrated your hobby into an assignment or project for school? 2 points

Video Game Nerd
51.        Do you listen to video game soundtracks?
52.        Have you ever helped program something? 3 points
53.        Do you own more than one game system?
54.        Do you own an old school (more than 15 years) game system? 2 points
55.        Do you have a subscription to an MMORPG?
56.        Have you ever spent more time working on a game’s sidequests than on the actual plot itself?
57.        Have you ever completed a game 100%?
58.        Have you ever bought a game the day it was released?
59.        Have you ever participated in a video game tournament? 2 points
60.        Do you play a variety of games, from more than three genres (ie: puzzle, shooter, RPG, action, etc.)? 2 points

Social (awkward) Nerd
61.        Have you ever argued over which fictional pairing is the best? 2 points
62.        Have you ever argued about which fictional character from a series is the most attractive?
63.        Have you ever celebrated a fictional event (a character’s birthday or major date in a series, etc)? 2 points
64.        Were you frequently picked last for sports?
65.        Do you laugh at your own jokes?
66.        Were you on the honor roll at school?
67.        Do you cringe when you meet someone who likes a lot of mainstream stuff?
68.        Have you made most of your current friends through a shared nerdy interest? 2 points
69.        Do you do things that are considered uncool or weird because you like them so much?
70.        Are you out of shape?

How did you do? Below is the rating scale. Make sure to leave a comment saying what score you got. I will most certainly use the data to make some sort of spreadsheet or other nerdy analysis.

0-10 pts
You aren’t even a little bit nerdy. You probably took this test as a joke. Surely there’s no way you thought you were an actual geek, right? No, you probably wear glasses indoors and go to the gym on weekends. Weirdo.

11-25 points
Congratulations, you’re normal! Yes, you might have a few quirks, but for the most part you can enter and leave a party without getting a wedgie once. You will have 2.1 one kids, work a boring job, and generally fly under the radar.

26-40 points
You are a borderline nerd. This means that you are probably under the impression that you are the world’s biggest geek, but you aren’t! This is a golden area, where you can still enjoy things with a high level of passion while functioning in a social setting. It’s the best of both worlds. Like that one Hannah Montana song. Because that’s what you are. Someone living a lie.

41-60 points
You are a nerd. But this probably isn’t news to you, is it? Chances are that you were mocked during high school. However, once you get out in the real world, you’ll find that your passion profits you well. You’ll have a lot of drive to pursue your dreams. I just hope most of those dreams don’t involve socializing with anyone other than other nerds.

61-80 points
You are a giant dork. You have probably brought shame upon your parents at least once with your nerdy obsessions. However, you bring great pride to your fellow nerds. You aren’t afraid to stand up and say, “You know what? My interests are socially stigmatized, and I’m okay with that.”

81-90 points
Extreme nerd alert! Just being around you makes some people uncomfortable. You’ve always stood out from the crowd, and not in a teen-comedy sort of way, but in a don’t-make-eye-contact way. As long as you are comfortable with who you are, though, other people’s opinions shouldn’t matter. After all, you’ll always have your online guild.

All hail the uber-nerd! You make even other nerds uncomfortable with your obsession. You’re the guy with the giant Princess Leia poster above his head and a wastebasket full of questionable tissues. You might want to consider pulling back a little, lest you isolate yourself forever. Then again, normal people just aren’t as interesting as the strange fantasy world you live in.

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  1. many nerds specialize. nerds are "overly intellectual, obsessive, or socially impaired". this test can't quantify the depth of nerdiness.
    i suggest:
    give 3 tests, each on the scale of 0-100, with the final score equal to the weighted average of all three tests, with the highest individual test score receiving a weight of 5, the second highest receiving 3, and the lowest receiving 2.
    the first test regards social impairment, and will evaluate the subject's physical connection or disconnection to society and the internet, as well as interpersonal relationships, physical appearance, physical aspects that are not related to the subject's hobby.
    the second test will regard intellect. this is not an IQ test. it should focus on determining how much trivia the subject knows about their hobby and how much or little the subject knows about the outside world(there will be a subtest for each particular obsession. on these 4-answer multiple choice subtests, a correct answer gains 5 points, an incorrect answer loses 2 points, no answer gains no points. the subtest with the highest score will be chosen and the rest invalidated. the subtests will be interleaved so that any two consecutive questions will be from different subtests). it will also evaluate how experienced the subject is with using technology.
    the third test will regard the obsession. first it must evaluate the subject's psychology: how much does the subject value time, money(subject's salary multiplied by their desire to work), socialization(friends and family), love, their career, and anything that might serve as a real incentive to the subject outside of their hobby. this data will be compared to the amount of time and money the subject spends on their hobby, in effect measuring how much hypothetical real-life fulfillment the subject sacrifices.

    each individual test will be curved to a area-wide average before being normalized to 100

    1. That is an absolutely brilliant idea. It would definitely be less-biased than my test. You should make it, and than post a link, because I would love to see a test like that.